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"I Got Five On It 3" continues the hysterical misadventures of Barney Bumble and his pothead Oakland homies Jimmy, Oscar and Arnie. While Barney is away at seminary school to become a priest, partners Oscar and Jimmy run Bombalicious, Oakland’s favorite marijuana dispensary and home of the legendary “Bumble Sacks.” However, hell-bent on revenge, Evans, the East Coast-accented cop from "I GOT FIVE ON IT" and Larry Poppins, Barneys’ arch-nemesis from "I GOT FIVE ON IT TOO," are released from prison. They’re bitter and looking to inflict some major payback with new partner, Tommy-Boy. Meanwhile, Arnie and his sex-addicted cousin Mario from the previous films, travel through the streets of Oakland in one hilarious situation after another. "I Got Five On It 3" has several returning characters from the previous films including Turtle, Larry, Evans as well as some hilarious new freaks, creeps and peeps that will have you buzzing and laughing your ass off again.



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A young east coast couple starting over, move to San Francisco with their son. When they lose him in a tragic accident, they realize there's an evil presence that doesn't want them there. Forced to come to grips with the supernatural reality haunting them, they seek the help of a psychic to get rid of the evil spirit. Things take a turn for the worse when the angry presence refuses to leave their "haunted" house. Can they escape demonic possession or will they join their son in eternal darkness? Starring Angel Aviles (DESPERADO, MI VIDA LOCA) Jose Rosete (THE DAMNED, DEATH ROW) and cameo from Horror Icon Victor Miller (Creator of FRIDAY THE 13TH)

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From indie veterans The Quiroz Bros., comes a new tale of horror:



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A serial killer is stalking the city of San Francisco and sending a news reporter cryptic letters after each murder.


As the body count rises, two SFPD detectives, the reporter and a psychologist-priest relentlessly pursue the madman, determined to put an end to his bloody carnage.


But as the killer gets closer and closer to the news reporter, will the detectives catch him before it's too late?


Shot on location in the San Francisco Bay Area, this gripping edge-of-your-seat thriller will have you frozen in your seat as you witness the madness of the San Franpsycho.

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A clan of Vampires has just moved into the neighborhood and college student Tom accidentally discovers his new neighbors' secret. When the vampires find out that Tom knows, he must do whatever he can to survive.

His two roommates, a horror fan and a skeptic, join him with the help of a private investigator, who's had a run-in with these bloodsuckers before.

Together they join forces to stop the bloody, fanged carnage before it's too late!

With a fast-paced punk-rock soundtrack and non-stop gore, The Damned will have you afraid to blink!

Ricky is a promising young scientist whose experimental formula regenerates dying cells.

Ever since his parents died, Ricky's been trying hard to balance work while taking care of his younger brother Jermaine.

When Jermaine is killed in a violent drive-by shooting, Ricky does the unthinkable to bring him back to life.

His brother is now a blood-thirsty zombie wreaking carnage all over the hood.

Now it's up to Ricky's colleague Scott and the boys in the hood to stop Jermaine from killing and turning the entire hood into zombies.

Jimmy (Todd Bridges) and his pals Oscar, Arnie, Rob and Barney Bumble, are on a mission to get high.

All they want to do is party, but in their desperate pursuit of a good time, they are led on a wild cross-town series of hilarious misadventures.

You won't stop laughing as these guys go on the most hilarious road trip ever through the streets of Oakland.

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When four pot-head friends plan a house party full of liquor, hot girls and weed, their "best bud" & marijuana-supplier Barney (Chris Angelo) gets set up by his new rival Larry Poppins (James Bridges) and ruins their "high times."

After Barney gets busted by the cops for selling marijuana, Jimmy (Todd Bridges), Oscar (Jose Rosete) and Arnie (Raul Martinez) have to come to the rescue and get some payback with their homie against the new neighborhood drug dealer who's been trying to move in on Barney's turf.

In the tradition of "Cheech & Chong," "Friday" and "Harold & Kumar," you'll laugh out loud at their hilarious misadventures through the "Blunted" streets of Oakland.

Featuring television star Todd Bridges ("Everybody Hates Chris," "Diff'rent Strokes")

Pranks, stunts, comedy, galore!

A one-way ticket to hell featuring some of the most outrageous and obscene footage caught on camera.

From hot busty models who can't keep their clothes on to bums and punks and stunts galore, this release doesn't just push the boundaries of good taste, it completely destroys them!

Starring JACKASS'S Jason "Wee Man" Acuna and model Taylor Love!

In the streets the biggest betrayal is disloyalty--and the punishment is irrevocable in this high-wire, adrenaline-charged thriller.

Henchman to notorious crime boss Dominic (Victor Zaragoza), Tony (Jose Rosete) has been playing a dangerous game, selling drugs on his own.

When Tony gets close to a dirty cop, the noose tightens around his neck, and it's only a matter of time until he makes a careless mistake--a mistake that pits him against Dominic, his partner Daniel (David Petersen), his drug connection and the police in an explosive confrontation that tears apart the streets.

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Two hired killers for a ruthless drug lord, fed up with killing, decide to jump into the Dope Game.

On a seemingly simple trafficking job, the two killers fly to Texas. The job: Drive to a small border town to buy $100,000 worth of heroin from a Mexican trafficker and transport it back to California safely.

It sounded simple, but in the Dope Game, things are easier said than done.

Will they succeed, or is this a game they never should have played?

Four Corrupt Oakland Task Force Officers turn the city inside out with murders, beatings and whatever it takes to clean up the streets and make a little money.

They try to sell their services to a new Oakland drug lord, but he ain't having it.

All hell breaks loose and the cops won't stop until they get their way or kill everyone that stands in front of it...These gangsters come with badges.

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Two rival drug lords, one from Oakland, one from San Francisco, are at war over control of the Bay Area turf.

Oakland drug lord Salvador Castro just got out of prison and will stop at nothing to regain the empire that he left behind with his younger brother, Richard.

As Salvdor's crew continues to flood the streets of Oakland with dope, things heat up as the San Francisco drug lord, Darryl, is gaining more control of his side of the Bay.

Meanwhile, two suspicious detectives are relentlessly pursuing Salvador and his crew.

And to make matters worse, someone from Salvador's past is hell-bent on revenge and won't stop until Salvador and his crew are dead.

Will Castro and his crew come out on top of the drug trade or will they just be caught up in a war they can't control?

During a local crime wave two brothers plan the simple robbery of their ow failing jewelry store in hopes of collecting insurance money.

They quickly realize that even the most well-planned heists aren't easy.

Their "copy cat" plan disintegrates when the robbery crew they emulate comes after them for revenge, with the police not far behind.

Their heist costs them more than they bargained for and now they are in a battle for their own survival. Their about to find out who's jacking who.

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"Smile Now, Cry Later" tells the story of two Chicano brothers trying to survive in the violent streets of the barrio.

One brother wants to live his life straight ever since their older brother was murdered years earlier, while the younger brother is doing whatever it takes to make it in the streets. Whether gang banging, selling dope or violent criminal activities, he is willing to risk his life for the fast money.

They are both trying to make it in the independent rap business.

Will all the dirt  they have done in the past eventually come back to haunt them?

In this world everything you do comes back to you.

Like they say... Smile now, cry later.

After serving nine years in prison for the revenge-murder of a rival gang member who killed his brother, an ex-con returns home.

His release sparks the rival gang to seek their own revenge, and now the ex-con is torn between loyalty to his gang and loyalty to his wife and daughter.

An action-packed gang saga with a shocking finale that ends in blood and tears.

Starring Angel Aviles ("Mi Vida Loca," "Desperado.")

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Jesse Borrego ("Blood In Blood Out/Bound By Honor," "Con Air," "Mi Vida Loca") stars in this hard-edged story of life in the barrio.

War has erupted in a hispanic ghetto where crime runs rampant and life is cheap.

Frustrated by the continuous murders of many friends, some neighborhood homeboys turn to a local veterano (Street Veteran) for help.

An action-packed story full of loyalty and betrayal.